Containastore Hints and Tips

Grab a cup of tea and have a read, we may be able to help make better and safer use of your storage facility.

Things to Consider

1. When comparing cost of personal storage look at the whole costs not just the price for the storage element.
2. Some companies force you to take out an insurance policy on goods in personal storage that you may not need.
3. Check how often you will visit the store. Is paying for 24 hour, access that you will never need, worth the extra cost?
4. Look out for ‘free’ storage periods. These are often linked to a minimum stay and minumum size of storage needed. Containastore Storage will only charge for the storage area you use. We welcome both personal storage and business storage clients.
Useful hints and tips on safe storage boxes
5. Consider what boxes & packing materials you will need to keep your personal effects safe while in self storage .
6. Do you need brand new boxes? We offer our personal storage customers the option of used cardboard boxes. Its better for the environment to recycle cardboard boxes as often as possible.
7. Do you need such a wide selection of boxes? What are you packing into each box?
8. Using one size of box will make stacking them much easier. Saving you space & therefore costs.
9. Before you pack any boxes ensure you have enough bubble wrap and tape. You do not want to be rushing around looking for more.
10. Bubble wrap is cheaper if bought off a large roll rather than individual packets of 1m square. Some items may need two layers to protect them sufficiently. When protecting corners of pictures & mirrors always use a piece of tape to stop the bubble wrap tearing.
11. Why use expensive new clean paper that is the same quality as the free newspapers you get through the door? After all you will wash the china & glasses before you use them or put them away.
12. When packing boxes put heavy items at the bottom, ensure the box is full and you can close the lid. Half empty boxes collapse and will make the stack fall over.
13. Use good quality vinyl tape to seal boxes. Cheap tape often becomes unstuck or tears very easily so the contents may spill out.
14. Make sure each box is labelled with the contents. When you want one item you can find the right box straight away. Place larger and heavier boxes at the bottom of your personal storage container, with smaller lighter ones at the top wherever possible.
15. Pack plates on their side, make sure glasses, cups & bowls have paper all round & inside them.
16. Statures or figurines must have each limb or delicate part wrapped individually. Best to use paper first then use bubble wrap round the whole item.
17. If you have a lot of small items you may find installing free standing shelves increases the amount you can get into the container.
Stacking in the container.
18. Distribute the weight evenly in the container, not all on one side.
19. Place heavy items on the bottom and lighter things on top
20. Heaviest large items should be loaded as near to the door and to the sides.
21. Use blankets to protect furniture & effects. It is your responsibility to make sure adequate packing and wrapping is used.
22. Boxes should be filled completely. If this is not possible, fill the remainder of the box with spare packing materials. Make sure the lids of the boxes are closed. Label the box with its contents.
23. Heavy items should be packed into smaller boxes for easier lifting. Lightweight items can go into larger boxes.
24. For extra space drawers can be used for soft unbreakable things.
25. When you are not loading or unloading keep items safe from falling over.
26. Do not block walkways or door ways.
27. Wear suitable clothing and shoes when moving furniture and effects outside. Be safe when handling furniture & heavy items. Please keep children and animals away from the loading area for their & your safety. Do not leave loose items on the floor as they are trip hazards.
Transport to store
28. If you have your own vehicles to transport effects please do not over load it. Please stack roof racks sensibly, not too high or over weight.
29. If you are considering a removal company, ‘man & van’, or self drive hire to transport your effects please do not hesitate contacting us for a quote.

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